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Creative, Tech-Savvy, Friendly, Passionate, Effective.

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Vivid is a web design design company established in 2010 specialising in providing website solutions to businesses, organisations and individuals to start up or to build upon their web presence.

Located in Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland, our aim is to provide the Highlands and further afield with all the creativity and high quality that comes from hiring some of the big city design agencies but without the inflated fees.

Vivid is an independent studio delivering creative, functional, exciting work across several platforms and creating high-end online technology. Being small allows us to maintain passion and ambition on each and every project, and also means that communication is friendly and always contactable.


When it comes to building a website, Vivid has a tried & tested design process that ensures that the end-product will shine…


To kick off a new project in the best possible way the first step is often the most important. I like to think of forming the brief is like laying a good foundation to build on.


This is where vision, strategy & brainstorming come into play. We come up with a concept to solve your problem.


We take our ideas and give them substance. The blueprints are transformed into a complete design and are presented to you for a review.


The project goes through further development and revisions based on your feedback about our work.


Launch! Your new site goes live to the world, giving you full control with a CMS (Content Management System). We can offer you as much support as needed.

Who?Vivid's design process

The founder, Alistair Chisholm, a Media Technology graduate has 10 years experience in the field of digital media.

I'm an active member of the Highland Web Group, aspiring blog writer living in The Scottish Highlands.

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This website was made on a Mac, using Firefox, Firebug, Sublime Text 2, Transmit, Illustrator and Photoshop. The site is powered by ExpressionEngine.

Fonts are Oswald served up via Google for the headings and Georgia for the body text.

As we embark on this new adventure, the mission statement of Vivid is… don't stop learning, do something interesting and do it really well, service our clients really well, be an effective visual problem solver and make simplicity and accessibility with latest web standards the recipe to effective web projects.